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Bringing innovation to the travel industry and making your travel plan simpler, faster, and smoother.

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About is an online travel agency with many offered options, flight booking, hotel booking, tour booking, and travel consulting directly to users through mobile applications.

We provide complete customer service, starting from the date of booking until after the end of the holiday. Travelers can consult and invite their friends to a group chat with our expert Travel Consultants live 24/7, anywhere anytime.


1972-1995 Pioneering
  • Panorama Established Jakarta City Tour Launched
  • Tour Coach Launched
  • Start Handling Foreign Tourist
  • Partnership with Airlines
  • Transportation Pillar Established
1995-2009 Transforming
  • Travel & Leisure Pillar Established
  • Panorama Tours Established
  • Transforming into National Tourism Company
  • Media Pillar Established (MICE)
  • PT Weha Transportasi Indonesia Tbk Initial Public Offering (IPO)
2009-2022 Globalization
  • Hospitality Pillar Established
  • ICT & Digitalization
  • Entering E-Commerce
  • Panorama Tours & JTB Corp.
  • Mergered into Panorama JTB Tours
2022-Now Evolving
  • Established
To make the World belong to Panorama

Our vision is to become the real industry leader in all the markets and businesses we enter. To do so, we intend to have a strong & local global presence and competitiveness, to synergize all our resources to maximize values to our stakeholders, and to contribute sustainable meaningful values to human life.

To make Panorama belong to the World

Our mission is to smartly and passionately deliver unique and pleasant experiences through innovative and excellent services. Through Panorama's integrated group of companies that consists of tourism, hospitality, and related businesses, we aim to delight our stakeholders with sustainable growth and great value.


Our core values stemmed from our SPIRIT, with each letter representing a strong identity of ourselves and what is important to us.


Complementing and taking advantage of our various strengths to achieve greater results.

Pursuite of Excellence

Striving continuously to be the best in everything we do.


Fairness in business dealings and consistently respects the highest standard of business ethics.


Going the extra-mile to consistently deliver as promised.

Innovative & Proactive

Continuously seek for new ways to deliver unique services and values.

Truly Care

Being compassionate and bringing smiles to millions.

Service Soul

We are a service company and serving people is deeply rooted in our beliefs and actions. We believe that there should be a high standard in how everyone, especially us, should serve others.


Delivering as promised, consistently


Making things easy for customers


Making customers feel good

Fair Value

Providing best-possible benefits

Unique Experience

Creating “one-of-a-kind” moments

Flexible Solutions

Smartly addressing customers needs & expectations


Valuing customers by meaningful appreciation & respect

We hire people who want to change the world

Want to use your talent to build something that makes a difference to businesses, people and local societies around the world? Then you’ll love working here.

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