Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service apply to Panorama ID sites with www.panorama.id addresses ("Sites") and Panorama ID mobile app (the "Apps").

By visiting or using this site, you hereby agree and accept the terms of service of this site. If you do not accept and agree to these terms of service, you are not allowed to further access the site www.panorama.id and are welcome to leave this site.


This website belongs to PT. Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara ("We"), a limited liability company established under the law of the Republic of Indonesia, is based in Panorama Building, Jalan Tomang Raya 63, West Jakarta 11440. Please read carefully the terms of service imposed below, whenever you continue to use this website you have agreed and are bound by all applicable terms of service. If not, then you cannot use this website and make all ticket reservations, whether aircraft, hotels, tours, and all products contained on this site. All modules on this site are copyrighted by Panorama and its sister companies and affiliates.

Modifications and Changes to Terms of Use

Modifications, Changes, Additions, or Replacements of every aspect, content, and also terms of use can only be done by PT. Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara as the sole owner of this website and mobile apps at all times without the need for prior notice. Therefore, it is expected that you always read a number of terms of service that apply periodically to anticipate changes that occur.

Prohibition of Use

You hereby agree not to use this site or content for unlawful or unauthorized activity, you agree that you will not use any other equipment, software or technology that may hinder or attempt to obstruct the workings of this site. You agree not to use this site or its content for commercial purposes. You agree not to attempt, create or attempt, seek, send automated agents or other forms of technology to collect, obtain, or other things to interact with this site.

Use of the Site

PT. Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara will give you access and use this site to the extent strictly permitted by the terms. In connection with a limited license, we expressly state that we do not grant rights or licenses in connection with the use of the site; rights or licenses that are not expressly granted, are wholly owned by Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara, sister companies, affiliates or any other third party that owns such license. The content on the site, as well as the software, infrastructure used to provide the content, is wholly owned by Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara or its suppliers and providers, including but not limited to travel agents and airlines or hotels (as applicable).

Booking Terms

By booking through the Site, you hereby agree to accept the terms of service of an existing airline, hotel, train or travel agent, including in connection with the policy regarding cancellation and/or absence of the following users or customers in connection with certain requests by users that may be granted by the Indonesian airlines, hotels, trains, or the travel agent. Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara is not responsible for any breach of the terms of service specified by third parties (airlines, hotels, Indonesian railways, travel agents and others) or availability at the request of certain users.


In connection with your purchase of a product in Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara, you are deemed to have understood, accepted and agreed to the cancellation policies and conditions. If you make changes or cancel your order may incur an administrative fee that you will be fully responsible for in accordance with the policies and conditions of the change or cancellation of the third party acting as the service provider.

Special Request

In the event that there is a special request with respect to the booking (e.g. the room may be used for smoking, wheelchair assistance, name change, date change, name writing change, etc.), then the user can contact the airline, hotel, Indonesian train, or existing travel agent, and the request will be based on the availability and regulations of the airline, hotel, Indonesian train or existing travel agent (as applicable).

Law and Jurisdiction

All applicable matters and in relation to these terms of service are governed by the laws of Indonesia. And you hereby agree and are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Indonesia in all questions and controversies arising in relation to the terms of service of use of this site.

Application for Accountability

Panorama Aplikasi nusantara is not responsible and reserves the right to deny all liability for any loss, liability, damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential), personal injury or any expense of any nature that may be suffered by you or any third party (including your company). Along with the results or that may arise, directly or indirectly, from accessing and using this website, any information contained on the Website, be it personal information/personal data, or company data, or materials, and information transmitted through our systems.


Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara provides payment services using credit cards, direct debit, ATM Transfer, SMS Banking, E-Banking, E-Money, BCA KlikPay, and Permata Virtual Account. All payment services will be charged by us for the full price at the time of booking and booking confirmation. Please check the booking details thoroughly for any of these times before you make a booking.

Credit Card Fraud

In the event of credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by a third party, you should contact the bank or card issuer as soon as you become aware of such unauthorized use. If you suspect any unauthorized or fraudulent bookings made through Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara, please contact our Call Center team immediately.


Please note that once you have booked your airfare, hotel, train or tour, you are obliged to complete the transaction by making a payment in accordance with the total ticket price listed on the payment page. You are required to make a payment of an amount corresponding to the total price of the airfare, hotel, train or tour you booked.

In the event of a shortfall or overpayment of the airline ticket you booked, then Panorama-JTB.com is not responsible for the delay in confirmation or failure of the flight ticket.

You are required to provide data that matches your true identity when registering as a member and when purchasing airline, hotel, train, or tour tickets on Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara site. Submitting incorrect information may lead to refusal by your airline, hotel, train or tour management to process your booking, additional charges for correcting your e-ticket, or even cancellation of your booking.

Force Majeure

PT Panorama Aplikasi Nusantara is not responsible for any losses suffered by the User caused by any action or condition beyond reasonable circumstances either by the User or us (Force Majeure Incident). These include Force Majeure events not limited to natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, etc.), epidemics, riots, wars, military action, terrorist acts, embargoes, sanctions, law changes, demonstrations, strikes, bankruptcies or insolvency of airlines, hotels, railroad companies and so on.